The 66th Suggestion: What of It? (だったらどうだって言うのさ?, Dattara Dōdatte Iu no sa?) is the sixty-sixth chapter of the series Medaka Box.


After Medaka declares a Student Council battle with Kumagawa, Hinokage expresses his distress with their present situation. Kikaijima argues with Hinokage that Medaka did the best she could do. Maguro explains how the fights will play out. Naze states she does not want to spend her summer at school, then offers to fill in the vice-president's position, though Medaka turns her down. Akune and Kikaijima are surprised by Naze's and Medaka's back and forth. Hinokage worries about the Devilize Training, as he had planned to use the whole summer, and they will need at least two weeks. Hitomi expresses her concerns regarding Chougasaki and Shibushi, who are each as dangerous as Kumagawa. Maguro asks why Zenkichi is not present; Akune explains that he has gone to the cafeteria. Zenkichi confronts Shiranui in the cafeteria. Upon learning she is acting of her own free will, he expresses his relief, having been worried she was being forced. Zenkichi assures Shiranui that they are still friends, and leaves after promising to have barbecue after the conflict is over. Shiranui thinks to herself that Zenkichi is too sweet to swallow. After discussing their options, the group decides to throw the General Affairs Manager's Battle, and use the two weeks to complete the Devilize Training. Medaka is uncomfortable with the strategy, and decides for a more straightforward approach after being encouraged by Zenkichi when he shows up with the suggestion box. Meanwhile, the students of Class -13 decide on who will fight first. They are surprised that Kumagawa wants to fight in the General Affairs Manager's Battle. Kumagawa states it does not matter whether he is the president, but that he will destroy the Student Council's morale with the first match.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Kuudou Hinokage
  2. Maguro Kurokami
  3. Kouki Akune
  4. Mogana Kikaijima
  5. Medaka Kurokami
  6. Hitomi Hitoyoshi
  7. Youka Naze
  8. Itami Koga
  9. Gagamaru Chougasaki
  10. Shibuki Shibushi
  11. Hansode Shiranui
  12. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  13. Misogi Kumagawa
  14. Mukae Emukae


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Volume Eight
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