The 149th Suggestion: Why Did I Come Here? (何しにここに来たんだろう, Nani Shinikokoni Kitan Darou) is the one hundred and forty-ninth chapter of the series Medaka Box.


After crashing landing, the Student Council makes their way towards the Black Bunker. Torai and Wanizuka cheerfully point out the base to Zenkichi, who is somewhat put out by how energetic they are. Emukae almost falls due to the blinding snow, but Zenkichi catches her. Zenkichi offers to hold her hand and Emukae blushes at the thought. However, she remembers that Zenkichi is in love with Medaka and declines Zenkichi's hand. At the Black Bunker, the group finds the suitors' abandoned drinks. As Nienami and Kanaino begin to fight, Zenkichi asks them to get along. Finding a cell, Zenkichi determines Medaka was held there by identifying her scent, and asks Emukae to gather everyone at the cell. Studying the floor, Zenkichi finds a note from Medaka, written in blood. Wanizuka wonders if they should call up Kiki Kikitsu back in Japan. However, she is shocked when Zenkichi reveals he has solved the riddle already. Kanaino and Nienami are both surprised by how shocked Wanizuka is by Zenkichi's deduction skills, while Zenkichi is disappointed to find how little Wanizuka thinks of his abilities. Emukae is not surprised when Zenkichi quickly solves Medaka's riddle, thinking to herself that her own abilities would improve in order to save Zenkichi. She thinks about how she said that love is above everything else, but that she is still in love with Zenkichi. Thinking of herself as just a Minus, she ponders her reason for joining the Student Council. As they head back to the plane, Zenkichi promises to explain the riddle to Torai en route, only to find the jet disassembled by Kugurugi. Naze is furious, though unimpressed by Kugurugi's grandstanding. Kanaino reveals that she is the strongest suitor, and that it took all the other suitors together to defeat her. She agrees to help the Student Council fight, citing that she wants to leave the South Pole as well. Zenkichi prepares to fight Kugurugi himself, but is knocked out by one of Naze's needles. Naze suggests that Emukae fight next, despite Kanaino's protests. Emukae agrees, thinking to herself that her words to Zenkichi weren't a lie, even if she is jealous of Medaka. Telling herself to laugh, she approaches Kugurugi. Confronted by Emukae, Kugurugi takes out a pair of screwdrivers and promises to send her to hell.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  2. Kujira Kurokami
  3. Namanie Nienami
  4. Shori Wanizuka
  5. Kudaki Torai
  6. Mukae Emukae
  7. Sui Kanaino
  8. Mogura Kugurugi


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Volume Seventeen
Chapters 141. Before I Can Be Happy • 142. My Opponents Lack Nothing • 143. No, It's Not for that Reason • 144. Hakoniwa Academy's 100th Student Council Committee • 145. Will Still Be Alive Tomorrow • 146. I Didn't Mean to Laugh • 147. Feels Like Your Luck Is at An All Time Low • 148. I Am Medaka-chan's Older Sister • 149. Why Did I Come Here?