The 50th Suggestion: You're Medaka-chan's Enemy (めだかちゃんの敵だ, Medaka-chan no Teki da) is the fiftieth chapter of the series Medaka Box.


The Student Council are shocked by the arrival of Medaka, now going by the moniker Medaka II. Oudo questions Naze as to why she brought Medaka upstairs, who replies that she had no way of stopping her. Medaka II goes on to declare that she is not the same person the Student Council knew; she has woken up from the thirteen year nightmare of thinking she was born for others. Zenkichi demands that Oudo explain what he has done. Oudo tells Zenkichi he brainwashed Medaka, but Medaka II refutes him, claiming she was just reawakened. To himself, Oudo admits she is right, as the only reason he was finished early was because he opened up something that was sealed in her mind. Medaka II tells the Student Council that from now on, they will support the Flask Plan, and she will be joining the Thirteen Party. Medaka II states that she was born to make herself complete and that if the other students die, they should feel honored that they died for such a cause. From behind the pillar, Maguro realizes that, rather than giving Medaka a new personality, Naze and Oudo have only put Medaka's Abnormality in control of her. He wonders if the chairman is pleased, or if this was his plan all along. When the Student Council refuses to go along with her, Medaka II dismisses all three of them. Medaka II hands herself over to the care of Thirteen Party, and tells Oudo she will marry him if it is to her benefit. Impressed by her brazenness, Oudo agrees, stating that a political marriage is appropriate for someone like him. Koga whispers to Naze that it is rare for thing to go exactly as Naze predicted. Naze expects the Student Council will lose the will to fight after being so abruptly dismissed from their positions. They are not disheartened however, and instead decide that they will go along with the wishes of the old Medaka. When the Student Council moves to stop her, Medaka II uses Oudo's Weighted Words to send them to their knees. Still hidden, Maguro calls out to his sister, telling her that she still holds her memories from thirteen years ago even if she thinks she has cast her old self away; as proof, she is crying. Medaka II is surprised to find the tears, and is caught off guard and attacked by Zenkichi. Oudo is amazed that he can still move. Zenkichi declares he will defeat Medaka II and release the original Medaka. As Zenkichi prepares to fight her, Medaka II insists that she isn't crying; she just has something in her eye.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Medaka Kurokami II
  2. Maguro Kurokami
  3. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  4. Mogana Kikaijima
  5. Kouki Akune
  6. Youka Naze
  7. Itami Koga
  8. Oudo Miyakonojou
  9. Mizou Yukuhashi
  10. Hakama Shiranui (flashback)


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Volume Six
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