The 69th Suggestion: You Have Become Stronger (強くなったね, Tsuyoku Natta ne) is the sixty-ninth chapter of the series Medaka Box.


Unzen and Nabeshima watch the General Affairs Manager's Battle with binoculars from a rooftop. Kumagawa rises once more, insisting that his voice alone will be enough to horrify Zenkichi. He is once again knocked back. As Medaka and Naze discuss the mechanics behind the Minus Nullify System, Hitomi grows more impressed with Naze. Zenkichi continues to beat on Kumagawa relentlessly, using his voice, and later his aura, to locate him. Unzen is stunned by Zenkichi's performance. Nabeshima is impressed by Zenkichi's performance, remarking that he has found a good teacher. Naze orders Zenkichi to make Kumagawa surrender. Choujabaru wonders at Naze giving Zenkichi help, but decides to let it pass. Zenkichi tells Kumagawa to surrender. Kumagawa does so, much to Zenkichi's shock; Medaka warns Zenkichi to be careful. Kumagawa goads Zenkichi with the reason why he came to the academy. Zenkichi takes the bait, and Kumgawa uses the opening to attack Zenkichi successfully. Medaka asks Choujabaru to stop the match. Choujabaru refuses, and Kumagawa explains that, since the match is over, the Election Management Committee has no authority to stop him. Medaka makes to jump down, but is stopped by Hitomi, who tells her the impact would drop the netting to the bottom of the pit. Koga wonders if Kumagawa purposefully waited until the net had fallen to the point no one else could jump into the pit. Zenkichi is horrified to see Kumagawa's injuries recover. So is Unzen, who remembers how the same thing happened when he fought Kumagawa. Kumgawa addresses Unzen and Nabeshima, refuting their analysis of his Minus. Nabeshima is amazed that he can see and hear them from so far away. Kumagawa reveals the true nature of his All Fiction: to make reality nothing. Seeing Zenkichi panic, Naze yells at him to shut his eyes to reset the situation. Kumagawa reveals there is no need, having erased Zenkichi's vision, blinding him. Kumagawa promises to show Zenkichi hell.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Myouri Unzen
  2. Nekomi Nabeshima
  3. Misogi Kumagawa
  4. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
  5. Medaka Kurokami
  6. Youka Naze
  7. Hitomi Hitoyoshi
  8. Itami Koga
  9. Tokemichi Choujabaru
  10. Myouga Unzen (flashback)
  11. Shigusa Takachiho (flashback)
  12. Otome Yunomae (flashback)
  13. Shoko Kamimine (flashback)
  14. Gunki Itoshima (flashback)
  15. Hamaya Hyakuchou (flashback)
  16. Yutori Chikuzen (flashback)
  17. Harigane Onigase (flashback)
  18. Kei Munakata (flashback)
  19. Yamami Tsurumisaki (flashback)


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Volume Eight
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